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    How to earn high score for applying for new work permit?

    2017-July-6       Source: Newsgd.com

    What are the three categories of the new work permit system? How to get high score? What convenience would the high-end talents gain through the new system?

    In November 2016, Chinese government piloted a new work permit application system and Guangzhou is one of the cities chosen for the experiment.

    Guangzhou has officially implemented the new work permit application system since April 1st this year. As one of its important measures to build a national innovation central city and an international hub city, the new permit application aims to streamline the application process and provide better services for foreign talents.

    One of the biggest features of the new system is the classified management. It defines talents into three categories with a scoring system.

    a) What are the three categories? How to get high score?

    b) What convenience would the high-end talents gain through the new system?

    Newsgd.com got the first-hand material from Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau and sorted out the answers for these questions.

    What are the three categories?

    1. High-end Foreign talents (Category A)

    Category A (scored 85 or above) refers to top talents who are needed for and meet the market demand of China’s economic and social development. No requirement for age, educational background and work experience. E.g.:

    A. Scientists

    B. Science and technology experts

    C. International entrepreneurs

    D. Special talents

    2. Foreign Professionals (Category B)

    Category B (scored 60 or above) refers to foreign professionals who are urgently needed for economic and social development.

    Applicants must hold a BA or higher degree, have 2 or more years of relevant work experience and are under 60 years old.

    It should be noticed that the requirements for age, education and work experience could be eased for R&D and entrepreneurial talents, skilled talents, excellent foreign graduates, talents who meet the standards of the scoring system and talents who work for inter-governmental agreements.

    A “green channel” for high-end talents

    A “green channel” is opened for foreign high-end talents.

    a. No paper-based submission is required before the applicant enters China.

    b. Hard copies of supporting documents are not required for talents enrolled in domestic talent projects.

    c. A commitment approach of work qualification is offered for talents who are enrolled in domestic talent projects and who hold internationally recognized professional certificates.

    d. A commitment approach of certificates of academic degree (highest) is offered for talents who are enrolled in domestic talent projects, who hold internationally recognized professional certificates, whose work meet the market demand and is encouraged by the government, and R&D and entrepreneurial talents.

    e. A commitment approach of no criminal record verification is adopted.

    f. Qualified talents who have already entered China by other visas or valid residence permits can apply for a work permit inside China.

    g. Time limit for work permit application/extension/cancellation: within 5 working days.

    h. Duration of work permit: a maximum of 5 years.

    The scoring table for the point system (Provisional Version)

    Editor: 陈锦霞

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